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200W Led Grow Lights - Full Spectrum by PRAKASA®

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Full Spectrum Led grow lights with 3w led
Deep Red, Red, Blue, Green and Hyper Violet leds in a single cob.

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200w Full Spectrum - Deep Red / Red / Blue / Green Hyper Violet LED Grow Lights Panel by PRAKASA®

Made using the latest 3w LED Lights Bridgelux and Epistar leds and comparable to 400w HPS/HID lamps or similar CFL (for guidance). Suited for all stages of plant growth from seedlings right through to flowering and works well with any indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based.

Configured with 12 Deep Red leds, 12 Red leds, 4 Blue leds, 2 Green leds and 2 Hyper Violet leds at just the right spectrum and lens angle required for optimum plant growth.

Very easy to use - Simply plug and grow. Comes with standard detachable UK 3 pin power lead. Exceptional cooling with each module cooled by a dedicated fan mounted on a heatsink helps to extend the life of the led grow light. PRAKASA® led grow lights emit a little amount of heat but you are able to touch without getting burnt.

We recommend you maintain a distance of around 30cm between the lights and your plants to achieve optimum growth.

Save 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Wide angle projection insures uniform leaf coverage.


LED Configuration: 32 x 3w x 4 COB LED lights
Power consumption: 180w-200w
Lumens: ≥6300 Lm
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
Color: Deep Red, Red, Blue, Green, Hyper Violet
Wavelength (Each COB Module): Deep Red: 660nm, 12 leds
  Red: 630nm, 12 leds
  Blue: 460nm, 4 leds
  Green: 530nm, 2 leds
  Hyper Violet: 420nm, 2 leds
Suggested Lighting Area: 1 - 2 m2
Dimensions: 32cm x 32cm x 9cm
Power Plug: Factory fitted detachable UK 3 pin power lead (IEC)
Hanging Kit: Complete hanging kit supplied
Input voltage: AC85~264V
Input current: ≤0.5-1A
Work frequency: 50/60 Hz
Working environment: -20~40 degrees c
GW: 5kg
Warranty: 1 year return to base fix or replacement only
UPC: 609722685030
EAN: 0609722685030

Additional Information

Manufacturer PRAKASA™

Customer Reviews

These lights are quality the company is great leds are not a gimmick they work and work very well Review by Martin
I started my led experience with a single 180 watt it took a lot of research and searching the Internet through every hydroponic led company before deciding the one to try was Prakasa. It’s hard to turn away from hid lighting (if it’s not broken don't try to fix it attitude) after using the 180 I’ve since bought 2 300watters these lights are quality the company is great leds are not a gimmick they work and work very well (Posted on 22/08/2014)
Very happy with product Review by Michael
accurate description, very happy with product, will use company again (Posted on 19/09/2012)
Review by Vincent
Spot on, will purchase another soon. No question. Great company to deal with, fast dispatch and delivery. A+ (Posted on 15/10/2011)
Review by Elizabeth
My love is strawberrys and I bought this to see if I could keep my supply all year round, and they do work incredibly well, I put 4 plants under this light and Ive had to put 8 more pots to plant the runners, these plants are so compact and leafy and the amount of flowers is unbelievable, although they are not ready just yet teh fruit are looking great, I cant tell the difference between the ones I grow in the summer. (Posted on 02/09/2011)
Review by David
Excellent delivery, next working day. The product arrived very well packed. I find myself impressed with the sturdy build quality of this item. Must admit that I find the specification a little confusing though. According to the spec. it contains 112 3 watt leds which should give 336 watts although it is quoted at 180, little more than half, so the leds are appreciably underrun which should give them a long and easy life. Without explanation though this is a little confusing as is the power requirement. According to the spec. the unit operates from 85 to 264 volts @ 0.5-1 amp. but: 1 amp @ 85 volts = 85 watts, 0.5 amps @ 264 volts = 132 watts. The figures just do not add up. A more meaningful specification is clearly needed. The actual measurements are:- @241 volts current is 0.74 amps = 178 watts, pretty well spot on.

I appreciate the cool running of the light which means the lamp can be as little as 50mm above the plants. We are advised to minimise the distance between lamp and plants but doing this brings the question of light distribution. The distribution cannot be varied as can HID with an adjustable reflector; with the LED the reflectors are fixed so the nearer to the plants the lamp is the more uneven the light becomes above the plant canopy. Some experience needs to be gained to find the best height. It is claimed that this lamp is comparable to 600-800 watts of HID but I doubt this, it is certainly the equal of 400 watts and look at the energy savings. I also doubt the claimed coverage of 1-1.5 sq. metres, certainly not on the grounds of light output but on account of the distribution pattern.

It is early days as yet but so far the results are very encouraging with rapid growth and healthy looking plants. Currently flowering plants are under the lamp and are showing good buds but the flowers are yet to open. We shall see. So encouraging in fact that I have purchased a second unit to be mounted alongside the first to overcome the distribution issue. With so little heat generated and such a meager power requirement they can be run together and still consume little more energy than even a 250 watt HID. Notwithstanding the criticisms outlined above I am convinced that this is the way to go and am well pleased with my purchases. (Posted on 02/07/2011)

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